Water filter with Alfa UV sterilizer by Alarco - Formally inspected by the Greek Ministry of Health Sanitary School of Athens - It removes fom water all the harmful substances and the pathogenic microbes - It does't affect the valuable elements in water that the human body needs
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Water Filter Operation

Alfa UV is one of the most modern systems of cleaning and sterilizing water. filtro_gri

The combination of activated pharmaceutical grade carbon filter and UV is globally the most acceptable method of purifying potable water for domestic use and not only…

This way, you can be sure that you will indulge yourself in a nice glass of tap water deprived of annoying smells, various swinging particles, chemical substances and compounds detrimental to your health, and of course you can also be sure about the thorough elimination of microorganisms that may exist in the net.

  • It instantly eliminates bacteria,viruses,fungi,vorticella etc destroying their DNA without altering the taste of water.
  • It detains chlorine
  • It detains paper residue, hairs, worms, amianthus, fibers.
  • It eliminates all harmful chemical compounds.
  • It produces crystal clear and sterilized water.


Description of operation


  1. The water runs in through the central entrance of the filter.
  2. It goes through a polypropylene 100micron filter.
  3. The bacteriostatic active carbon detains dangerous chemical compounds and does not allow the formation of microorganisms after the removal of chlorine.
  4. The water passes through a polypropylene 10micron filter.
  5. It then passes through 1micron filter.
  6. It enters the sterilization cabin through which
  7. It is exposed to the germicidal action of the sterilizing lamp and comes out of the filter totally clean and sterilized, through the tap (9)

Technical characteristics ULTRA VIOLET

You can read the technical specifications analytically in PDF format clicking here.

  • Operation tension:220V/110V
  • Frequency:50Hz/60Hz
  • Consumption:~10W.
  • Radiation Frequency: 2537A
  • Lamp life: 6000 H

Water Filter Cartridge

  • Wrapping ABS by BASF certified for foods.
  • Filters:Polypropylenic 100micron, 10micron., 1micron.
  • Active Carbon: Produced from coconut shell, infused, by 0.1%, in cane metallic silver.
* YDOR HELLAS in its attempt to improve its products, reserves the right to modify the technical details of its products, anytime, without previous warning. In any case, the manufacturer guarantees the good function and reliability of its produts for the purpose defined.
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